The Luxea Solution

​Our Solution is based on our extensive knowledge of Luxury Assets and the challenges that face Sellers of Luxury Property which include:

  • ​​Luxury has a limited buyer pool compared to non-luxury assets.
  • ​​Today's buyers have all information regarding a home's listing status - information such as days on market are known to buyers​; price reductions are tracked leading to low offers.
  • ​The longer a home is on the market, the odds of achieving a full-price offer decline drastically over time.
  • The carrying costs of Luxury Homes can be a significant monthly expense in taxes, maintenance, financing and other costs.
  • Personal future planning is impossible without a definitive sale date for a Seller's property disrupting their lifestyle, contingent investments or relocations​.
  • Property listings are often over-priced due to several factors including CMAs not being accurately conducted & Seller's not understanding their homes market value.
  • In a traditional "Buyer's market", Days on Market for a luxury home marketed traditionally through MLS listing can be, not days, but years.
  • ​Transparency in traditional real estate sales practices is frankly, often lacking,  as agents are often forced to take multiple offers while buyer's may be waiting for days for results - unable to purchase or make offers on other homes. In this situation, the real estate agent is basically running a "silent auction" with little transparency for the parties involved. This occurs in both "buyers" and "sellers" markets.

​​Luxea has created The Luxea Solution to these challenges. We have a Win-Win process and achieve a closed transaction that is concise, clear, transparent, proven and effective.


Bid from anywhere

Luxea’s App allows simulcast broadcast of every sale with real time mobile bidding. Wherever you may be — from the beach to your office – you can view and bid with LUXEA. Available from both Apple and Google Play App Stores.